Selling products or rendering any service in 2022 differs from what people did decades and centuries ago. It is clear that most brands now take advantage of what the internet can do to sell their product. And, of course, there have been enough results to testify to the wonders the internet can do. In most cases, tools like search engine optimization (seo) guarantee that the traffic on a website will increase tremendously. So, there is no reason to be skeptical about using seo.

Best Free Online Courses

Most brand owners shy away from using seo because they lack advanced seo knowledge. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. With advanced seo free courses, free seo courses, and google seo curse free, you will eventually get the needed knowledge about seo and ultimately learn how to improve the quality of your website’s traffic. Of course, some of these are the best seo course with certificates, and then others do not come with certificates. One thing is sure; you will learn everything you need about seo from these free seo courses. Here are some for you:

Free seo training: seo for beginners

This type of seo would fall more under the free seo course than the advanced seo course free. Nevertheless, it is a great foundation for anyone who hopes to learn the advanced seo course for free. The free seo training for beginners focuses on the basics of search engine optimization. It is more about how search engines work than any other thing. In this crash course, all students who enroll are bound to learn the fundamentals in three different phases: introduction to seo, content seo, and technical seo. So, if you are looking to learn about the fundamentals of seo, enrolling in this course is your first step to getting an outstanding education that you desire.

clickminded free seo course

For anyone who wants to know how the majority of these big companies operate and gain traffic on their website, taking the clickminded free seo course is ideal. The course has been curated and is being directed by an experienced scholar named tommy Griffith. For someone who has worked with reputable organizations like PayPal and Airbnb on seo, he is certainly equipped to give the best content on seo marketing. This course will not only open you to the knowledge about using seo for big companies, but you also get to access other seo materials that you can study over time.

Seo training course: building sustainable traffic for business growth

If you have ever wondered which seo course is the best, building sustainable traffic for business growth could pass for an answer. It is certainly one of the best free seo courses. And it is here to stay. If you decide to take this course, you will learn about the important seo strategies and how you can develop them. You are also going to learn how to scale your link-building campaigns, hub spot blog, and of course, how to create a guest blogging campaign. From the content listed, it is clear that this particular course dives deeper than many other seo courses. Hence, it is one of the crucial ones you should never miss.

On-page and technical seo course

To date, the on-page and technical seo course qualifies as one of the best seo courses with a certificate. It is free and is one of the best. You do not get this type of free seo course all the time. The course has a total of two modules, and in these modules, you will be learning some of the best advances seo techniques. You would be learning how to audit seo, troubleshoot http issues, identify and fix issues, and perform a log file analysis. The on-page seo course also teaches you how to create friendly content and improve your page. And ultimately, you learn how to use semrush. Now, the best part of this seo course is that you get a Semrush seo certification after writing and passing the exam that comes after the course.

Search engine optimization (seo) specialization (coursera)

The advanced seo tools and techniques is here! Of course, coursera is one of the most popular out there! The fact that they have a course that embodies the idea of advanced seo tutorials is exceptional. You can trust them to give you the best of their seo materials which focus on the following:

1. Introduction to search engine optimization

2. The fundamentals of search engine optimization

3. Optimizing a website for search

4. Advanced content and social tactics to optimize seo

5. Advanced search engine optimization strategies

6. Website optimization

From the above, this course is here to completely liberate anyone who desires to learn about advanced seo tools, advanced seo techniques, advanced seo courses, and every other thing on the advanced seo checklist.

Seo today: strategies to earn trust, rank high, and stand out

At skillshare, you learn the strategies to earn trust and high rank. This is one of the best free seo courses, and it aims to teach anyone willing to learn how to build link strategies to get a higher ranking and on-page seo best practices. This is also where you learn how to optimize your content for mobile seo and rich snippets. With the help of rich snippets, you should easily learn to optimize your content.

Seo Technique

Google remains the most popular search engine today. So, it is understandable if you want to delve into seo techniques that are used in google. Thankfully, there are ways to learn seo from google. After these courses, you would have learned how to do seo yourself. Learning this is a big deal as a website manager and an even bigger deal as a brand owner.

Learn SEO from Google

If you truly want to learn seo from google, some of the best courses to take that are from the most valuable online platforms include the following:

Attract and engage customers

The reason for creating a website in the first place is to attract a target customer; let’s call them your customer. So if you create a website and you find that you are not attracting customers, there is a need to be worried. But do not worry too much. There is a solution here at google.

This is one of the most important courses at google in digital marketing. To learn this, you would need to meet with google through Coursera. The course focuses on Google seo, and of course, you will learn this course from google experts.

The major topics of this course are understanding search engine optimization and how to apply search engine optimization.  Another great thing about this course is that it will not take too long to learn. Within nine hours, you should be able to learn everything that you need to learn about attracting and engaging customers.

With as little as $39 per month, you will learn everything above and more from taking this course. And of course, you get a certificate of completion if you can see through the nine hours.

Get started with a search

This is another seo course on google that is essential for anyone passionate about learning advanced seo. Unlike some other courses, this course is free, and it covers some of the most important topics in seo.

If you have been interested in learning the basics of search engines, how a search engine works, how a search engine sees the web, and organic search, this is the right course to take. You do not have to worry about misinformation when taking this course. It is a course taken only by experts and professionals.

While it focuses on helping anyone who wants to learn about advanced seo, it is also the course to learn if you are a beginner.

Search engine optimization starter guide

We can find search engine courses on other platforms. But at google, the focus is on making this an online resource you can access for free. The content in this is simple to understand, so no videos are attached to it.

To keep your website in great shape, you need this amazing resource from google. It has been around for more than ten years, so it has been tested by many people- beginners and experts alike. One thing is sure; this is a tool that has helped many. So, if you want, it can be one of your go-to tools when developing your seo.

Google seo fundamentals

Google seo fundamentals are one of the basic courses. As the name implies, this course focuses on the basics of all important sectors of seo. And like the other courses on google, this one is managed by experts and professionals only.

Specifically, Rebekah, a popular seo expert, teaches google seo fundamentals. With about 30 hours of the course, you will learn more about the introduction to on-page seo, introduction to off-page seo, introduction to technical seo, and of course, keyword theory and research. 

Introduction to google seo

Coursera is a popular online platform, and it has an introduction to google seo as one of its special curses. This course is worth exploring because it is the second course in the coursera certification. Also, it doesn’t take all the time to learn the course. You get to learn a lot of things within a short period. Some of the things you learn about seo include the following:

1. Evolution of seo

2. Current seo best practices

3. How search engine works

4. Introduction to search engine algorithms

5. Seo best practices and ranking factors

As with other courses on google, this course comes with a certificate of completion. So as long as you finish all the videos and learn within the hours that have been provided, you will get your certificate.

Make search work for you

This is the third course related to seo that you can learn on google. It will take you about 25 minutes to complete this course. And of course, this course is in about three stages.

Some of the topics in this course include the title and meta description tags optimization. Optimizing page copy, off-site seo concepts and how to encourage other people to link to your website.

You also get to learn about the use of promoting your site. This course will teach you everything you need to know about internal seo and localization, but it will begin by introducing internal seo first.

Gaining the right knowledge from this course should be your priority because it is not the right course to expect certification from.

Rank in google seo

Ranking on google is special. So, most websites strive to make it to the highest rank. To learn what it means to rank in google seo, you might need to pay attention to this special course on google. This is a course with about 9 hours to learn.

You are going to be exposed to a lot of topics when you decide to learn this course. And yes! Some of these topics are more complex than others. As long as you pay attention to all courses, you will be well-equipped in all the areas. Some of the things you will learn and the topics that will usher in the content are:

·  How to find seo keywords

·  How to keep visitors to your website for more time?

·  How to get backlinks for your website?

·  How to run seo audits

How to pick the niche for your website?

All of these topics are special and should not be ignored. Yes! You get your certificate for going through with this course.

Bottom line

Advanced seo which means the use of seo beyond keywords and link building is more important to your business growth than you can ever imagine.

Advanced seo courses are everywhere on the internet today. The reason for this is not far-fetched. The world has learned the functions of seo, and has seen that its importance especially to business is outstanding. So, yes! Many people feel the need to take a few seo courses to develop the right knowledge about the biggest marketing buzz.

While it is important to stick to your passion and drive, it is equally essential that you stay careful so that you do not end up taking in the wrong content. To avoid learning from the wrong place, the first step is to avoid jumping on every advanced seo course tutorials out there.

Instead, check out the best seo course free or google seo courses that you can take in a matter of hours. Using the right channel to learn more about seo is one of the best things you can do for yourself so, it is better to not shy away from it.