Epic Sales 15-lesson program to hone your strategic and tactical sales skills

Epic Sales

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15-lesson program to hone your strategic and tactical sales skills

Exhaustive Online and Offline Sales Expertise in a Single 360 Package

In the course you’ll learn how to multiply your performance through proven strategies from a top sales pro. Learn why cold calling is basically a waste of time and implement sales strategies and techniques that allow you to multiply your income and decrease your time investment.

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How do you coach someone in sales?

When you are coaching someone in sales, it is very important that they are personable, friendly, engaging, and also know the values and the benefits of the company they work for. When coaching someone in sales, you need them to understand they are not just selling products, they are selling emotions and desires. If they are able to successfully convince people that they want to buy something because of how they feel, they will be far more likely to spend their money.

How much does a sales coach cost?

The price of a sales coach is going to vary but generally you can find a good one for an hourly rate of about $300 to $2000. There are other sales coaches who will charge a monthly rate instead of an hourly one.  Some may also charge based on receiving a percentage of new sales accumulated following their coaching.

What is the difference between sales coaching and sales training?

With sales coaching, the goal is to increase the behavior, attitude, and personality of the person who is doing the selling. It’s about selling yourself more than a product. With sales training, it’s about knowledge and skills and specifics of a company. Both must be mastered to be a great sales person.

Why coaching in sales is important?

Coaching in sales is very important because it is necessary to teach people how to connect with potential customers. With proper coaching, someone can be able to speak heart-to-heart with someone and turn selling a product into an emotional experience.

What are the benefits of sales coaching?

The benefits of sales coaching is that a sales person will walk away being friendly, a better listener, and will be able to relay information about products and services with personality and charm. Sales coaching will teach employees a lot more about the company they work for and will also encourage them to be better at hearing others, even those who aren’t potential customers.

What is effective sales coaching?

Effective sales coaching is any coaching that teaches employees how to listen to potential customers, and also convey the emotional importance of buying a good or service. Effective sales coaching will also teach an employee a lot about a company’s history and its values and what it wants to offer a customer and make them feel.

What does good sales coaching look like?

Good sales coaching looks like a coach who delivers the very qualities they are teaching. In other words, it is someone who speaks clearly, listens intently, and is patient and understanding, and can easily relay information that is easy to understand.

How do you coach someone in sales?

Coaching someone in sales includes a lot of stuff that isn’t about making money. You need to coach someone how to not sound like a robot and instead communicate emotions and desires and wants and needs. Coaching someone in sales is about making them a good listener and making sure they are talking about ways that their lives can be better. When you coach someone in sales, you need to make sure they know they are having a personal experience with a potential customer.

Who is the best sales coach in the world?

There are many great sales coaches throughout the world and it’s hard to choose just one who is the greatest. However, many people consider Tom Hopkins, founder of Tom Hopkins International. Other popular and very good sales coaches include Jeffrey Gitomer, Rajiv Sharma, Jill Konrath, and Brian Tracy.

Who is the best sales mentor?

It is nearly impossible to choose the best sales mentor but some of the more popular ones are Steli Efti, Daniel Pink, Jill Rowley, and Lori Richardson. However, a mentor is someone who can be found in any company and in any capacity.

Which company has best sales training?

Generally, Amazon is considered the company with the best sales training. But there are other companies championed for their sales training, such as AT&T, Marriott, Goldman Sachs, and others.

What makes a great sales coach?

A great sales coach is able to teach someone who listens and conveys emotions more than anything else. A great sales coach is able to teach people that they are not actually selling a product but are instead selling positive emotions and feelings to customers.

Why you need a sales coach?

You need a sales coach because they can teach many important communication skills that are very subtle but authentic and effective. Sales coaches study the best way to personally connect with customers and clients while still having a goal of making a sale in mind at all times. A sales coach is able to teach the psychology behind making customers happy and engaged.

What do sales coaches do?

A sales coach will use data to teach employees ways to improve and reinforce behaviors that help them make sales. A sales coach will improve the communication skills of employees and will help them build confidence when talking with customers and relaying information that is engaging, interesting, and personal in order to make a sale.

Which course is best for sales?

Ratings and reviews generally say that The Art of Sales, Sales Training: Practical Sales Technique, and HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Course are best for sales. Others include Driving to Close 2.0, RAIN SElling, and Asking Great Sales Questions.

What is the best course for sales manager?

A good course for a sales manager would include one that gives information and knowledge about making sales and connecting customers with emotions when you are looking to persuade them to buy a product or service. There are many courses that teach the psychology of selling and what a customer thinks about when they are shopping for certain things.

How do I become a certified sales trainer?

To become a certified sales trainer, you need to have a lot of experience working with other salespeople and also need to have leadership skills too. You may also need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or in business. After that, you can then apply to be a sales trainer for specific companies before possibly starting your own firm that will be hired by other companies to commence training.

Is sales a hard skill?

Sales is a lot harder than people think. Many people assume that sales is just about telling someone they should buy something. But in reality, good sales is about connecting a customer with emotions and convincing them that positive and happy emotions will be felt if they purchase a product or service. Good sales are really about digging into someone’s psyche and emotion.

Is sales the most stressful job?

Sales can be stressful without proper training. However, if you are coached well, sales will not be stressful because it will be natural and easy to do again and again. It will feel more like a regular conversation than trying to sell someone on a product.

What is the hardest thing about sales?

The hardest thing about sales is making sure that the customer feels like they aren’t being sold on something. Good sales is about communicating emotions and feelings, not pitching a product or service. If that feels genuine, a customer will spend their money. But if they feel they are being pitched something and the feelings are artificial, they will not be convinced.

Is sales a good career?

Sales is a great career for someone who wants to meet new people, have great conversations, make connections, and be able to show off their personalities every day when they work.

Can sales make you rich?

Sales can be very financially good for you and you can in fact make a lot of money doing it. However, you might not be making a lot of good money in sales for the first few years of your career. After a while, when you have made connections with good established companies, the amount of money you make from sales will increase dramatically.

Why are sales salaries so high?

Sales salaries are so high because it is a valuable part of a company that needs to be done very well or else a company cannot make money and thrive. Without good sales, a company will come to a halt and will not succeed so businesses will pay a lot of sales because they need it to survive.