Explosive Lead Generation

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15-lesson video program to generate more leads.

Are you struggling to generate leads for your business? If you’re ready to get serious about lead generation, then this course is for you. This course is for business owners and sales pros that are ready to overcome previous barriers to generating more leads.

Inside this course you’ll find:

  • A comprehensive guide to generating fast-flowing traffic online
  • Detailed explanations of various online mediums for finding leads and how to use them
  • Reliable processes and techniques for generating an abundance of leads

Equip your business with explosive lead-generation tools you need to bring in fresh, high-quality leads.


What do you mean by lead generation?

Lead generation is a process that takes people who might be interested in a business and turns them into customers. This process of converting someone from a potential into an actual customer or consumer is done through a variety of ways, such as email blasts, ads, phone calls, mailers, and so much more. Lead generation has grown a lot over the years. It used to just be done via salespeople making direct contact with customers, or “leads”, but via the internet and other forums, lead generation has become easier and more .

What is an example of lead generation?

Now there are plenty of examples of lead generations that you probably come across every single day. Perhaps one of the best examples would be the advertising or marketing that is directed at people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media sites. This form or lead generation directly speaks to people and finds them via SEO based on someone’s search queries and results. They may come in the form of coupon codes, discounts, or other offers to entice people.

How do you generate leads?

You generate a lead by attracting a customer and appealing to their needs. You can do this by using SEO that will speak directly to people who have already made it clear what they are looking for. By using select keywords and tags via SEO, you can reach out to people who are specifically looking for the services that your company provides. Generating leads has become much more effective over the years because of this creation and implementation of technology.

Which are the 4 steps of the lead generation process?

When you are attempting to generate leads, there are certain steps you should follow. Firstly, you need to identify your target customers and who you want to attract. Then you need to create engaging, fun, exciting content for these customers to read. After that, you must increase your incoming traffic across all channels and then you need to convert these visitors into leads via coupons, discounts, attractive ads, and even more. When you follow each of these steps, you have the best chance of turning web visitors into actual customers and a reliable, loyal base of supporters.

What are the best marketing tools for lead generation?

There are many marketing tools that you can use when you are attempting to optimize lead generation for your business. Some of these tools include LeadPages, Hello Bar, Qualaroo, Drift, HubSpot, and more. Each of them will be able to convert visitors into leads and will help you build campaigns to find and keep quality leads.

Which tool is used for lead generation?

There are plenty of tools available for lead generation that businesses can use, such as Picreel, LeadPages, Qualaroo, and more. These tools will explore customers’ experiences and will create lead generation quickly. They will create reports and data that analyze the incoming traffic and what they are looking for, how they found the site, and what you can do to turn them from visitors into customers.

What is the most effective lead generation?

The most effective lead generation that you can create is making good, engaging content constantly on your website. This is the best way to generate leads because it will bring in many viewers and readers and they can soon become customers. Think of content on your site as the lifeblood that keeps it fresh and active and attractive. It will get people in the door and then you can convince them to buy what you are selling.

How do you generate leads easily?

You generate leads easily by constantly working on reaching out and finding customers and converting visiting viewers to your site into consumers. Generating leads is all about not giving up and not easing up on the schedule of always trying to find new ways to strengthen relationships with your audience, entice them, and keep them coming back for more.

How do businesses generate leads?

Businesses generate leads via many methods. The most common avenues of making leads usually involve job applications, coupons, live events, online content, blog posts, and more. Generally, the leads are created by making content that is attractive and builds up and showcases a company’s brand and values. Once the right audience is at least attracted to a company via these methods, the leads can then be generated.

How do small businesses get lead generation?

A small business can generate leads by using various strategies to build interest in their products, their brand, and the company as a whole. This can be achieved by knowing what sort of audience the business wants and then following simples steps to create content that attracts them via the web, marketing, direct mailing, calls, blog posts, and so much more.

What are ways to do lead generation?

The ways to do lead generation vary and there are multiple ways it can be done. Most commonly, the typical approach includes a combination of job applications, live events, online content, coupons, and other things that can directly reach out to readers and viewers who can someday become customers too.

Is lead generation a good business?

Lead generation is in fact great business because of how it creates a base of reliable and loyal customers who will come back often to the company. Lead generation isn’t about finding just any customer, but the right customer who will become very invested in what the company is selling. They will value a company more than others because the complicated process of lead generation has attracted them specifically for their needs.

How do I get free leads for my business?

Business owners can generate their own leads with a few simple tricks and procedures. You can send emails to possible clients, track website visitors and see what keywords brought them to your website, use social media to leverage new customers, improve the aesthetics of your site, utilize guests posts, partner with social media influencers, and also optimize your blog content based on what keywords and queries brought people to your site.

How do small businesses get leads?

Small businesses get leads just like any other business, through a strategy of reaching out to customers via online adds, emails, tracking visitors to websites, optimizing blog content based on SEO and keywords, and generally trying to optimize all website content to revolve around the keywords and queries that bring viewers to the site. All of this can be done for free and by people who aren’t experts so it can be employed by even the smallest of businesses.

How can I get many leads in my business?

One of the best ways to get many leads for your business is via Facebook. Social media is one of the best ways to attract people and generate leads because Facebook is great at directing ads specifically to a certain set of people. You can customize the ad experience and direct it only at the right audience you are looking for. This will generate many leads because they are all a target audience of people who you feel will be best for your business.

How do you get leads fast?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media ads are a great way to get leads quickly because they start working almost immediately and can reach a wide swath of people who are specifically targeted by you. You can tell Facebook to only broadcast ads to a certain age group, demographic, location, interest, and more. This means the ads will come to you quickly because you have tailor-made the audience and have crafted an ad that will speak to them.

What is the best source of leads?

There are many great sources for leads but some of the best include referrals from your best clients or customers, competitors, business and sale tools, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and a firm that can manage relationship marketing for your business.

What is an ideal lead?

An ideal lead is someone who is specifically interested in a company and the products provided. An ideal lead is someone who will show loyalty and will come back to the company multiple times even after the first purchase. An ideal lead is also someone who will refer the business to other people close to them and will spread positive word of mouth.

What are the different types of sales leads?

There are a few types of sales leads. The most common are hot leads, working leads, qualified leads, and nurturing leads. A hot lead is one that has a better profile to become a customer. A working lead and qualified lead are ones that are needing to be sold more on the concept of a business and its products. Finally, a nurturing lead is one that still requires a lot of work before it can become a genuine customer.

How do you identify good leads?

Getting and knowing a good lead when you have one is all about data. When you have great data on a lead, you know if it is good and can be turned into a genuine customer. You need to know a lot about your leads, from their locations to their interests, age, and more. When you have collected this sort of qualifying information, you can know if your lead is really worth your time and can actually be converted to a customer.

How much does it cost to buy leads?

On average, a lead can cost about $200 today. But it is based on the company that you use to buy your leads. Some can be cheaper and some can be more expensive if they are found via marketing tools and deep searches. A lead can generate a lot more money than that for a company so it is generally perceived as money very well spent.

Can you buy a lead?

Yes, you can buy a lead. There are numerous marketing and advertising companies that will sell leads to companies. They are compiled via data and research and previous sales committed to other companies.

Is it good to buy leads?

It is good to buy leads if you are doing so from a reputable company. This is because all the hard work and research has already been done when you buy leads. Therefore, you are given a list of people who you know are willing to be converted from potential to actual customers. With all of that out of the way, a company can focus solely on winning the leads over and attracting them to products and services.

Can leads be sold?

Leads can be sold. When a company hires a firm to handle its marketing and advertising, they can agree to sell the leads that are accumulated during the campaign. These leads will then be sold to other companies.