How Long Will It Take to Learn SEO?

Seo, short for search engine optimization, has been around for a while, and it has made its impact where it matters most; the market. Most brand owners are now aware that it takes a lot of strategizing and the use of search engines to ensure that there is good traffic on their websites.

Understandably, every entrepreneur who wants to enjoy better patronage and sales opts for seo. Although desiring to use seo is great, what makes seo shine is when you eventually use it to drive your sales and online presence. Sadly. Many brand owners only ever wish they could use seo. Many brand owners never come around to utilizing seo as they should. This is because they do not know how to do so.

If you do not want to join the long queue of people who do not know how to use seo effectively, you would have to do something about that! And what you would need to do isn’t that difficult. First, accept that you need to learn how to do it yourself. Before gaining the knowledge you need on seo, you may need to learn seo from google or learn it on other platforms. Of course, there are other ways apart from these two if you desire to learn how to do seo yourself.

How to Learn SEO

Seo is a concept that you will need more than your wish to learn. You must work with the following steps if you are passionate about learning seo.

Learn the basics

To learn anything, it is wise to make yourself familiar with the fundamentals of the concept. The same thing applies to learning seo. Speaking of fundamentals, the basics of all types of search engine optimization focuses on how engines work. If you open yourself to learning the fundamentals of seo, you will find out that search engine is about looking for content and storing it in a large database. Using your search engine is equivalent to using a library. Of course, the difference is that with a library, you are looking for books, and with search engines, you are looking for web pages.


Since google is one of the most popular search engines in this time and age, you could decide to learn seo from google. And here is the crucial thing to know about google, whenever you search for information on google, you are not searching for it on the entire web. Rather, you are looking for it on the google index.

Some of the fundamentals of an seo revolve around the following:

1.     Learn about on-page seo

When you try to learn how to do seo yourself, it is essential to see on-page seo as an element you must understand. From every indication, an on-page seo focuses on optimization of the content. As a researcher, the reason some content rank high whenever you look for things on search engines is thanks to on-page seo.

And as a brand builder, you must understand what searchers desire to see. When you understand what the audience wants to see, you find it easy to update the search engines and optimize for it to rank higher than other content.

2.     Link building

As a brand builder or seo enthusiast, you should learn the act of link building. Where search engine optimization is concerned, link building is an art. An art that you need to master. In simple terms, link building focuses on taking backlinks from other websites to bring traffic to your website.

If you are wise, you will use links from websites with better quality than yours. Doing this guarantees that more people will be pointed to your website. And, of course, what this does for your site is that it gains better traction.

3.     Learn about technical seo

Many people still shy away from learning about certain forms of seo. You would be surprised that some people do not want to learn seo from google. And then others do not believe learning about technical seo is important. Technical seo is one of the most important things to learn about seo. You should worry less about how long it will take to learn seo and focus more on what you gain if you learn about technical seo. And the truth is, there is so much about technical seo to learn. Thanks to technical seo, search engines like google and others can find, crawl, and index your content. Technical seo makes the interaction between your page/ content and search engines like google possible.

When there is an interaction, all of these three things happen

•           the search engine tries to find out if your page exists, and they look for the location

•           the search engine crawls your page by downloading the content on your page

•           the search engine then adds your page to the index.

After these three things have been done, it becomes easy for searchers to find your page and, of course, content when they use the search engine.

4.     Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using seo tools to drive traffic online. To participate in digital marketing, you may use gadgets like a mobile, desktop computers, and digital media.

These seo tools help any brand advertise goods and products in new and innovative ways. It is clear that more brands now lean towards digital marketing because of the result that digital marketing has been producing for brands.

Digital Marketing Courses

So, the question is not whether people should learn more about digital marketing but about the digital marketing course they can learn. From learning these courses, one of the jobs you can get is the google ad specialist job. Here are some of the most valuable google digital marketing courses that you can take:

·      Google digital marketing course

To learn Google’s digital marketing course, you must visit google garage. And yes, there are varying topics to pick from learning the google digital marketing course. Some of these topics are the fundamentals of digital marketing, how to start an online business, how to ensure customers fund you online, how to promote a business with google ads, and mobile marketing, among other things.

Getting to know more about most of these google digital marketing topics will prepare a table for you at the center stage of digital marketing. And, of course, this is enough reason to do just that. You also get your certificate, which is recognized globally. This means that the certificate you get from this course will be relevant anywhere you go.

·      Clickminded digital marketing course

This is a paid course, and of course, since it is paid, you will be getting your certificate after completing the course. Founded by tommy, an seo expert, the clickminded digital marketing course is certainly the right course for you.

This course is special for many reasons, but especially because it covers most of what makes up a digital marketing course. These seven topics are contained in the course:

·      Social media marketing

·      Content marketing

·      Email marketing

·      Paid advertising

·      Sales funnels

·      Google analytics

·      Search engine optimization

From the above, it is clear that this is a special course where you will be learning the most important things about digital marketing course. This course is also special because professionals and experts teach the topics. With the availability of professionals, you can hardly miss these courses. While you may get some of these courses for free to a certain stage, gaining access to the full bundle means you pay $1997 to learn.

·      Hubspot online marketing courses

The Hubspot academy has also been around for a while, and of course, their major digital marketing course is the hub spot online marketing course. With this course, you can learn how to use various tools like CRM, seo tools and content marketing. You will also be open to special topics relating to marketing. Prepare to learn more about inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and contextual marketing. You are guaranteed to learn specific and important things about this topic if you ever sign up for this course. And the most beautiful thing about this course is that you can learn it for free and get your certification when necessary. Of course, deciding not to get your certification does not invalidate the knowledge you will gain from paying attention to the tutors as they help you navigate the topics.

·      Udemy digital marketing course

Udemy is a big online learning platform with different courses. So, you would certainly be getting a digital marketing course on a gold platter. A typical digital marketing course on Udemy covers the crucial areas of marketing. Some of the areas of marketing include sales, google ads and seo. And, of course, you should expect to learn some of these topics: market research and WordPress setup. Seo writing, YouTube marketing, google ads, LinkedIn marketing, app marketing, email marketing, and google analytics, among others.

·      Udacity digital marketing course

Udacity digital marketing course is as special as they come. So, you cannot do wrong by using the audacity digital marketing course to your advantage. This course is one of the most equipped digital marketing courses.  It covers some of the best digital topics

If you ever take this digital marketing course at Udacity, you should prepare to learn more about content strategy and social media marketing. And yes, you will learn about other things like online marketing, search engine optimizations, and display advertising.

One thing is for sure; you get the best of everything from this course. It not only gives you access to learn these topics, but you also get to learn from some of the best digital marketing mentors. So, as a beginner, this is always a dream come true.

·      Coursera digital marketing course

Like many other online platforms, coursera has built its reputation on being exceptional over the years. And it continues its story by giving you a quality digital marketing course. If you want, you are about to learn some of the most nuanced marketing topics ever.

In this course, which takes about 20 hours for the average learner, you must prepare to learn the following:

·      Introduction to digital tools and media

·      Digital marketing analytics theory

·      Digital marketing analytics practice

·      Video marketing

·      Social and email marketing

·      Differences between analogue and digital marketing

As earlier stated, you cannot miss anything good if you ever decide that taking your digital marketing course at coursera is the best bet for you.

There are, of course, obvious reasons to enroll in this digital marketing course. But in case you have missed some of these reasons, here they are; the price is affordable as it goes for $592, and you also get to collect a certification that you can use globally.



Learning the importance of seo and using seo tools has become very important in the 21st century. We are not surprised that many websites have become recognized globally just because they have gotten the use of seo right. And, of course, when the websites are recognized, it helps to drive traffic and increase sales in case the website has products to sell.

The importance of seo is glaring for all to see, so it has become important to learn how to use seo tools. It is even more important to learn how to use seo tools if you are a brand owner or a content creator.

Of course, you do not have to worry about having access to seo tools. There are many seo courses on online platforms in this time and age. And yes! You get to engage in these courses for different hours. In case you are wondering how long it will take to learn seo, some of the seo courses take as long as three days, and some take about a few minutes. The length of the courses and classes often depends on the number of topics that the experts and teachers will be covering.