The importance of search engine optimization to online businesses have become more popular. In years to come, there will be a greater need to use seo as a tool to drive traffic to websites.

Little wonder the number of people who seem smitten with the idea of using seo increases daily.  Sadly, not everyone who knows the importance of seo to the marketplace has the necessary skill or the required training to function as an seo expert or to get a career in seo.

Not having the necessary seo skill is hardly ever because people have not tried, though. It is often because they have tried and have failed woefully or haven’t met up to the required standard. In any case, using seo training is one of the ways to get better until you eventually meet up to the standard that is required.

Before discussing the cost of seo training, you need to know if and when you can opt for that training.

When Do You Need Training?

Not many people have the self-awareness that lets them know the right time to go for seo training, regardless of the cost. And this is why we have compiled the following. They are meant to let you know when it is time to opt for that seo training:

·      No traffic on your post

You may be an exceptional writer; you may even work harder than the average man. While these things are great, they are hardly the main things that help drive traffic to your site. So, sometimes you write a lot and put out content on your website only for the traffic to be discouraging.

Whenever this happens, especially if it goes on for too long, you should know it is time to try something different. It may be the time to go for seo training. A tweak here and there, and the story may change. Taking seo training from the right source will give you the necessary tool and the knowledge to do more for your website than writing and uploading.

·      When there is traffic but no sales

Sometimes, you have enough seo knowledge to get traffic from your content. Or maybe it is out of sheer luck; the fact remains that you often get the needed traffic on a website from uploading your content sometimes. However, not all content brings sales to you.

Getting traffic on your site without seeing any change in sales and the business may crush your spirit. But, it isn’t the time to give up. If anything, it is time to go to the right source for training. There are tools that you need to learn how to use if you must make sales through the traffic your content allows.

The training that will help your business will likely focus on teaching you how to use keywords. Using keywords is essential because it is through keywords that people who need your product find you. Getting traffic when you do not use keywords is because the content is good, and it is normal that people gravitate towards good content. But are these people your target audience? If you’re not getting the sales, then they are not.

·      The traffic seems to have reduced

It has been great for a long time. You have written and uploaded content with more traffic than you bargained for. And, of course, this traffic has continued to encourage you to write more;

Suddenly, you realize that the content no longer drives traffic at all, or the traffic you get on each post has all but disappeared on you. This may be just the right time to learn about this aspect of seo. As you should have picked by now, seo is not a social media tool with rigid guidelines. With time, most seo rules changes. So, you should also follow the trend by learning a few things about maintaining the traffic on the post.

·      You do not know how to find keyword

As earlier stated, the place of keywords is essential to any form of growth on your website. So, when you cannot find keywords you can rank for, it may be about time to go for seo training, and of course, go for the training as soon as possible.

When you go to the right training session, there is every chance that the teachers will teach you the best ways to look for the keywords that will reach your target audience in no time.

·      You do not know how to generate backlinks for your content

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to know how to generate traffic on your website. You even manage to generate traffic, so you do not have to worry about sales. You also know how to use your keywords perfectly. If you can do all of these things but do not know how to generate backlinks on your site, you may still need training for a few months from the right source. So, yes! One of the times when going for seo training is important is when you do not know how to generate backlinks.

How Much does SEO Training Cost?

We have established that taking seo training is essential to improve your website. As a brand owner or entrepreneur who wants to see significant growth in digital marketing, you may have to go for it! Thankfully, there are different seo training/ courses with different prices. Check below for some of these training to determine the most suitable price for you


Semrush academy is one of the most popular seo training organizations. They have been around for quite a while, and they have been useful to many people. Showing interest in learning semrush is the first step to being an academy student. And, of course, you would need to register at the academy to be a student.

Within a few weeks or months, the courses that the instructors will put you through will teach you everything you need to know to be an seo professional. You can gain accurate knowledge from semrush whether you desire to be an seo analyst, director, or manager.

Since the beginning, the semrush academy has focused on some specific courses, which are:

·      Seo fundamental course

·      Keyword research course

·      Technical seo course

·      Local seo course

These courses are all important. So, you can decide to pick one or a few of them from semrush. After learning the necessary things from picking any of these courses, you get your certification from semrush. Are you wondering how much semrush training costs? Well, it is free! Semrush is one of the rare seo institutions that let you gain necessary seo knowledge for free.

·      Complete seo training + seo WordPress websites

Before learning this course, which is on Udemy, you must have basic seo knowledge. Without basic seo knowledge, you may find some of the things strange.

After doing the needful, you can now visit Udemy and select this particular course. Choosing this course means you want in-depth knowledge about how to rank google searches with WordPress. You will also get to know how organic traffic works and how you can help to contribute to that.

You are lucky if you ever choose Udemy to learn this particular course. First, it has been made easy for you. And secondly, the price is one of the cheapest out there. With as low as $14.99, you will learn everything about complete seo training and seo WordPress websites.

If you have doubts about this course, check the space for reviews, and you will find more than 3000 positive reviews. You will also see that a good number, 30,000 to be precise, have benefitted from the goodness that the course has to offer.

Yoast SEO Training

Choosing Yoast seo training is like choosing the best academy from many others. You can expect perfection at yoast because it is an institution prepared and equipped enough to give you nothing but the best.

One thing you will be learning at Yoast seo training is seo mastery. You will also be learning what seo WordPress and plugin means. Other skills you should prepare to learn include; copywriting and site structure, among others.

The beauty of yoast training is not limited to its efficiency and effectiveness in class. At seo training, you also enjoy the price. For training as impactful as yoast training, the prices will surprise you. Of course, the price varies from free to the following

Cheapest price: $39

Most expensive course: $199

Package of courses: $699

The choice of the price will depend on what you are looking for. If you only want to learn this package on a beginner’s level, you may not need to pay any money as this goes for a free price. And of course, you know what to do if you are looking for a package of courses and how much it will cost you.

 The SEO playbook

Not many seo training is as detailed as the seo playbook. If we have been able to establish anything so far, it is the fact that the seo playbook carries a lot of things you would expect from seo training, if not all.

In other words, the seo playbook training has depth unlike any other, and of course, it is meant only for people who want to become professionals. It is the perfect course to help you learn how to drive traffic to your site, increase sales, and bring more presence to your site.

Some of the benefits of learning the seo playbook are as follows:

·      It teaches you how to get a new client

·      It teaches you how to fill critical gaps in agency

·      It helps you to grow organic traffic

·      It helps you to build skills and expand your service offering

One thing is for sure, learning the seo playbook will teach you many things you never thought you could learn about seo. And yes! This is why getting it for a price isn’t too much to ask. Thankfully, the price for an seo playbook isn’t much. The ideal price of this course is $497. For all the seo knowledge that you get to gain from learning this course, it is certainly worth it.

Apart from the fundamentals of the course, other benefits make the price of the course worthwhile. Some of these benefits are:

•           100+ training videos

•           step-by-step process documents

•           a private slack community filled with marketing professionals

•           lifetime access to all current and new playbook content

•           pre-built templates to make implementation a breeze.

·      SEO training course by Moz

This is one of the most important seo training. As someone passionate about learning seo, starting with seo training by Moz is great. With this seo training, you get to view many videos about seo. These videos will teach you some of the most important points about seo. You will learn a lot about the following:

·      Keyword research

·      Link building

·      Seo site audits

·      Onsite seo

·      Reporting seo

Of course, you will learn even more than the above if you pay attention to every detail. The point is that the seo training by Moz has been designed to give you the best seo experience for low prices. Because of the variety of the courses, the prices also differ. But mostly, the price ranges from $99 to $595.

Final thoughts

Using search engine optimization has become a necessity for website growth these days. Most of the websites that can pull off a level of traffic online these days are hardly doing it because of the content but because the content creator has used some of the best seo tools like links and major keywords.

So it is safe to say that search engine optimization is the biggest deal for all online businesses. It is, however, daunting that not many people know much about seo as they should. So, people often use seo tools amiss, which further complicates websites and compound content online.

As a brand owner, it is no crime that you do not know how to use seo. However, you must be willing to learn the fundamentals of seo at least. And, of course, there is no crime in taking things further and learning about technical seo tools.