In a world with over a thousand career opportunities and choices, seo happens to be a leading career path in this time and age. And, of course, seo as a career path did not rise from nowhere. It became one of the leading careers due to the influence it has on digital marketing

There is no denying that brand owners and marketers now choose the digital route to advertise products. This is valid because majority of the customers are found lurking online. If we can find customers online, there is no reason we shouldn’t put the necessary effort into advertising the products online. So, yes! It is true that most brand owners focus on digital sales and advertisement.

Given the importance of seo, it is impossible to do digital marketing without using seo. In case you have forgotten, seo is short for search engine optimization. And, of course, it helps to improve the quality of website traffic by optimizing search engines.

Is SEO a Good Career Path?

Given the popularity of digital marketing in this time and age, seo is certainly one of the most valuable career paths. From seo career salary to the benefits of working with seo, it has fast become a worthy career pursuit for people who mean business. And, of course, the fact that there are many seo career paths out there makes it a more appealing option for many people. Speaking of seo career paths, here are some seo career paths that you should check out if you ever decide that seo is a good career path.

SEO Career Paths

If you are interested in working in seo, you are lucky that there are many seo career paths to choose from. Some of the most popular seo career paths include the following:

SEO specialist

An seo specialist is responsible for testing, analyzing and changing a website. The specialist does all these three things to optimize the content for the chosen search engine. In most cases, especially in this digital world, people use google as the search engine. So, yes! The specialist does the testing, analyzing, and changing of the website so that the content can be optimized for google.

As an seo specialist, there are some skills you must possess. These skills help you to achieve your goals and meet up to the standard of who an seo specialist is. Some of these skills are:

1.     the ability to apply search engine optimization

2.     social media marketing skills

3.     search engine marketing skills

4.     copy editing and copywriting skills

5.     digital marketing strategy

Seo analyst

If you ever want to be an seo analyst, be prepared to learn google analytics. As an seo analyst, prepare to use your analytical skill. Your focus is on analyzing data from various sources. You also get to handle the identification and implementation of search engine optimization efforts. If you do these things right, you will be contributing a lot to the traffic on the website that will come through keyword and organic searches.

Seo manager

An seo manager is a part of the seo team that focuses on making the seo strategies work. If you ever want to become an seo manager, you need to learn everything about seo. As a manager, the job is to oversee every other department. So, a little knowledge in every area is important.

You should know about seo marketing as much as you know about pay-per-click. The right knowledge about all of these other seo career paths will help you to function effectively as an seo manager.

How to Choose a Career Path in SEO

Choosing any of these seo career paths is a wise decision in this time and age. However, you mustn’t choose these seo career opportunities to ride on the wave. Ensuring that you are passionate about marketing and advertising is the first step if you must choose any of these career paths. Apart from being passionate about search engine optimization, there are steps that you must take when you are about to start a career in seo, and these steps include:

Build your seo skills

Passion is important to start any seo career but being passionate about seo isn’t going to do much for you. Being skillful, however, is bound to take you to heights you have never thought you could achieve. This is why it is very important to take your seo skills seriously as someone looking forward to a career path in seo.

Knowing how search engine works is one seo skill that you do not want to miss out on. When you know how the search engines work, it becomes easy to pick how you would like to impact the website traffic. While building your seo skill, you also get to know some of the important components of seo. You should know that there are variations of seo, some of which are technical seo, on-page seo, and off-page seo.

Improve your writing skills

As someone looking to start a career in seo, being a writer comes with the package. This is because there is no advertisement or marketing campaign without words. Of course, you do not have to be a perfect writer before going into seo. It would help if you, however, tried to improve your writing skills with time.

Improve basic development skills

After writing, skills, which are essential for anyone who desires to go into any of the seo career paths, the next skill you should not shy away from developing is the basic development skill. And, if it is a skill you do not have, it is the right time to acquire it.

In acquiring basic development skills, you will learn how to read and understand html code. You will also learn how a website is designed and more about JavaScript. Some other basic development skills include learning how to use WordPress and the basic functions attached to WordPress. Many have associated basic development skills with developers. While it is a skill most pronounced in web developers, seo specialists or managers should also strive to know some of the basic skills mentioned so far.

Learn how to use seo tools

Having the right knowledge about seo will take you far. However, only the right knowledge about seo may not take you as far as you need. You must add the ability to use seo tools to your knowledge about seo.

Seo tools like google search console and google analytics are some of our popular seo tools. With these tools, everything becomes easier for you. Of course, there are other tools like the yoast and Semrush. Semrush is quite popular for helping seo experts to search keywords, build links, run campaigns, and analyze others. Semrush is a popular seo tool because of its ability to do many things.

Learning how to use these basic seo tools will afford you more opportunities in your seo career as someone passionate about seo and the magic it can do in the marketplace; learning these tools should be a priority for you.

Build your analytical skills

Being an seo enthusiast mostly comes from your ability to analyze the market and see that the marketplace is now focuses on online sales. Hence, online marketing is essential. Your ability to analyze this situation will always be essential to your growth if you pick seo as a career path.

You would need to work on your analytical skills. The ability to read, digest and interpret information is essential. You also need to be able to present the data that you have interpreted in a way that other people will understand. To build your analytical skill as an seo analyst, some tools you would need to learn how to use include excel and google sheets. And, a good way to improve your analytical skill is to learn how to use these tools and improve on your knowledge as time goes by.

Improve your knowledge about google webmaster guidelines

There are rules and regulations to follow in every community you find yourself. As someone now using seo tools like google, you must acknowledge the rules that google has set aside for you. Using google means that you have to follow the google webmaster guidelines.

Using seo without following the google webmaster guideline is tricky; you would find yourself missing things and eventually getting penalized. So, you must take the google webmaster guidelines seriously. The rules are meant to lead you as you make the best decision for the product.

Improve your experience

After showing interest in seo and acquiring the essential skills, it is important that you also consider improving yourself.

With time, you will gain experience using seo tools. If you want the best from the seo career path that you have chosen, you must learn the different ways to improve your skills.

Thankfully, you can improve your experience without trying to earn a certificate. While certification isn’t bad, most companies will employ you for what you can do rather than what you have on a piece of paper. And yes! The best way to improve any seo skill you pick up is to keep practicing. The more you practice seo skills, the better you get.

Get certification as a google ads specialist

If you want to go into seo, you would hardly miss using some tools. Google ads happen to be one of the most popular tools. It is often used to enhance pay-per-click advertisements. So, learning how to use google ads is an added advantage. And, of course, getting a certificate gives you an edge over others who only know how to use some basic seo tools.

There is no questioning whether seo is a good career, especially in a world where most marketing and sales happen online. We believe that picking seo as a career choice is one of the best things that you can do for yourself these days.

Prepare for interview

Knowing your onions is great! You will always be on the good side if you have the necessary knowledge about seo. While it is important to be good, being knowledgeable is not all there is to convince the world of your excellence.

When you are going for an interview, it is wise to prepare for the interview. There are tips online that you can follow if you want your chance to be employed by a reputable organization to increase.

Get your first client

Outing yourself for an interview only means one thing: you are ready for work. So, do not step back when your interviews start yielding results. You asked for it, and here is the opportunity to grab your first client

It is always wise to catch the first client and do right by them. As a starter, whatever you do with the client you get determines many things in your journey.

Benefits of Choosing SEO as a Career

You certainly have a lot to gain than lose if you ever choose seo as a career. Some of the things you will gain from using seo include the following:

•                you become a freelancer with any of the seo career opportunities that have been mentioned earlier

•                you get to work at your own pace if you decide to freelance

•                working online allows you to work from home. Since you do not need to be physically present to get things done, there is no reason to leave your home

•                you can also choose any of the seo career paths and pick the most suitable agency for the path that you have chosen.

•                the internet continues to grow, so you won’t be worrying about being out of work anytime soon. As long as you are great at what you do and are effective, you will always have booked.

•                you get to talk to and meet people of different cultures across the globe.


Final Thoughts

There is hardly a business out there without an online presence. This is because many people now believe in accessing shops from the comfort of their homes. Why go through the stress of using a physical store when they can just stay home and use an online store?

And, of course, as long as online stores are a thing, there will be pressure to improve the company’s online presence. Yes! This is done through content updates on their website. You must know that content on the website will only appeal to the targeted audience if the creator has imbibed one of the most relevant seo tools; keywords. Apart from keywords, there are other seo tools that content creators must use. These seo tools and schemes indicate that using seo for content is essential.

Since seo is important, it has become crucial for more people to learn everything about seo. With the rate at which people need seo content creators, no question that being an seo expert is one of the greatest career choices anyone can make now.