Without seo, most websites are pretty much useless. With seo, people find your websites easily and get to feel your presence in the online market space. Like in many occasions, some things and people rank higher than others. That’s how it is for seo and how it works on the websites

As expected, many factors contribute to the position or rank of these websites on search engines. Of course, some of these factors are more influential than others. Regardless, it is great to know about the factors contributing to technical seo ranking as someone interested in seo. Some of these factors include but are not limited to the following:

Accessible and Secure Website

For any content to rank on any search engine, especially google, there is a need for a website. And it is not just enough to have just any website. Having a standard website is essential. And to have a standard website, the website would need the right URL type.

With the right type of URL for your website, searchers all over the world have better access to your website. And aside from accessibility, the website also enjoys a level of security that is hard to come by in this time and age.

The right URL is not only a useful tool to aid searchers all over the world. It also helps google, the most popular search engine in the world, to reach the content on your website. If google can reach the content on your website, then there is a tendency that the content will rank high.

To get the URL of your website right, you do not need to do much. With a great website builder, you will mostly get it right.

The Speed of your Page

Not many people are patient in the world of today. There are always things to do and other sites to explore, so there is hardly anyone out there with the patience to stay on a site for more than a few seconds.

After waiting a few seconds without getting the page loaded, most people move on fast. And as expected, it will be difficult for them to return after such an experience. If your website happens to fall under the pages with low speed, you may not get many visitors as you would like. And, of course, your website will not rank high anytime soon.

Apart from the frustration of visitors that may turn them off, some search engines like google have taken steps to ensure that users have the best experience using any form of the website. So, as far as July 2018, google announced a search engine algorithm update. The update came with a rule; if your site does not have a fast speed, you would be punished.

Website Age and Domain

Understandably, all website owners desire results as quick as possible. Some expect that working on their website and using the right URL is enough to help them rank high as soon as possible. While the right URL will be a great push, it certainly takes more than the right URL to rank high.

First, you need to check out all the websites that are currently ranking high. Apart from the right URL, one thing you are likely to notice is the website’s age. Most websites ranking high right now have been around for over three years. In other words, it takes time as much as it takes effort for your website to rank high.

Apart from the number of years, another thing you are likely to notice when you check out websites that are ranking high is the originality of their domain name. Choosing a domain name has to be one of the most tasking. So, being patient when you do this and choosing only names that align with your business is a good way to appeal to your target audience. And, of course, do you know what appealing to the right audience brings to your website? It sure brings traffic which, in turn, makes you rank high.

Optimized Content

Making content online may not be easy, but with skilled writers, creating content has become easier. And since there are quite a good number of writers, making the content of this type is no longer uncommon. But do these questions pop up because they are written by the best or because they have been written well? No!

What it takes for content to pop up often depends on how well a writer has written it. It has a lot to do with how optimized the content is. As a brand owner or website operator passionate about ranking high, optimizing your content should be a priority. Thankfully, there are many ways to create optimized content these days. And some of these ways are:

Using keywords

One of the backbones of seo these days is keywords. For every content or title, you are working on as a content creator; there are keywords attached to them. When you use these keywords the written way, you can expect them to reach the right audience. And, of course, it becomes widely acceptable among your target audience faster than you can envision. This is one of the ways to start ranking high on a search engine.

Do not use duplicate content

When writing your content or creating the content that you will upload on your website, you have to be careful. Making content similar to already existing content or making a duplicate will not make you rank high. Of course, this does not mean that you do not use the research materials available. It just means that pursuing originality, even as you learn from already existing content, is the best way to rank high on any search engine.

Working with readers’ intent

Before writing at all, you must know who your audience is. Knowing who they are will help you know their intent. Since you know what they would appreciate and love to read, it should be easy to create content around just that! So, yes! Understanding search intent is one step closer to helping content optimization


Another tool that websites should use if they want to rank high and become one of the sites that pop up first links. Using different types of links while you create your content is an important way to redirect readers to other pages for better explanations or in-depth knowledge about the topics that you are talking about. Some of the most popular types of links that you can use when creating your content are:

Inbound links

Google being the commonest search engine, has been using the inbound link to help determine the relevancy of your content. Most people will not stumble on your website in their group chat. And, of course, it is not every time that people get your website from your business page.

Sometimes, an authoritative site includes your link in their article, and readers interested enough get to catch your website when they click on the link

Outbound links

Outbound links are almost the direct opposite of inbound links. As authoritative sites will do to promote your relevancy in their content, using outbound links means that you get to redirect readers to other authoritative and relevant links.

When using outbound links, you must research and ensure that these sites are reliable and their content is as valuable as you want. Doing this research will save you the embarrassment that is liable if users check out the link and end up disappointed. Issuing the right outbound link is important, as something as small as getting on the wrong website from your domain can turn many users off. You do not want that if the aim is to help your website rank high.

Using internal links

Sometimes, the content in a particular article is not enough information for users of your website. You want to put up more information through the use of internal links. The use of internal links is expected, especially for a website that has been around for a while.


For these types of websites, there will always be content from the past that you can refer to. And since this content is probably not gaining traction as before, redirecting users to them is a way to help them continue ranking. And, of course, if the content you have directed users to is valuable, you will inspire more of them to come around. Hence, the tendency of your website to rank high.

Social signals

Being passionate about ranking requires a lot of work. And as much as most of the work you will be required to do will come from writing the content and doing the right things while you write, you still need to do a lot after publishing the work.

One of the tools you should always embrace if you want your website to rank high is social signals. Sharing your website on all popular; and relevant social media platforms is important. The use of platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, among others, cannot be overemphasized. When you share the website on these platforms with great captions, you will likely get people to click out of curiosity. And if the content on the website is great, many other people will stay and embrace your site as one of the best.

The more people click on your site from social media platforms and stay for the originality of the content, the more traffic you gather on your website. And, of course, more traffic over a long period means that the website starts to rank high and pop up first when people search for something similar to the content you have on your website.

User experience

Using all the content optimization tools to get your website ranking is great. But at the end of the day, the experience of searchers and users of your website is what does it for you.

If users click on your website often, it increases your chance of ranking high. However, the click-through rate on your website is not the height of it. Sometimes, people click on your website and do not find enough content to stay around. If users click on your site and bounce fast, this is a wrong signal. It may not be a good signal for you to rank high.

If people find things on your site that interest them enough to stay for a long time, it may increase your rank on the search engine.


When creating a website in this time and age, it is wise to consider everyone. And as it is, the tendency that people will access your website from their phone is certainly higher than the possibility that they will access it from their desktop.

First, the mobile can be used from anywhere. So, when people stumble on your website on a train or bus, they are probably connected to their mobile at the time and will only use their mobile to access the site. If your site is not mobile-friendly, this will turn the users off.

Being turned off the first time or a couple of times is enough for most people to stop visiting the site altogether. People shouldn’t need desktops before accessing your site if you want more people to access your website.


When users use any form of search engine especially google, the first few content they come across are from websites that have mastered the art of ranking on search engines. These websites are lucky because this is the first step to making people patronize them.

To be one of the high-ranking websites on search engines, you must work hard every step.  One of the things you should not shy away from doing is studying the technical seo ranking factors.

By using a free website ranking checker, you have the opportunity to see where your website stands on the rank before it appears in search engines. While using this to confirm your position is advisable, the real work lies with learning all the factors and the things you need to engage in technical seo ranking.

Some technical seo ranking factors include google top ranking factors, on-page ranking factors, and other factors. The most important thing is to learn these factors and know how to apply them to start ranking high on search engines.