Using search engine optimization(SEO) to increase your website ranking or traffic is a norm in this time and age. Many people have come to embrace the use of seo, and more people will still come to light of its relevance to keeping the online marketplace alive

As much as seo has started to become a household tool for the online marketplace, its way of operation is still a myth to a good number of people. In a world that is fast growing out of the offline marketplace, having many people, especially brand owners, in the dark about seo is not the ideal thing. This is why everyone should learn about seo, its importance and the fundamentals of using seo.

As a serious brand owner, one of the questions you should not shy away from asking is which course is best for seo. You will probably get your answer soon if you search the right places. There is also a tendency that you find some free seo courses to help you learn the best and the basics of seo as soon as possible. To answer your question, here are some best seo courses with a certificate and other best seo course free. In the end, it is not the price or lack of one that matters, but the fact that learning to use the seo tools is peculiar to the growth of your website and, ultimately, the growth of your business.

SEO Course Free with Certificate

We have established that seo is essential and in demand, so it is the future. The relevance of seo now and its promising future makes it important for you to get these seo online courses with a certificate. If you can get the best seo course free right now, you wouldn’t be lost in the world to come. So, here is the best seo course with certificates you must check out:

Free Neil Patel unlock seo courses

Neil Patel and his partner Forbes have the appeal that most online classes lack these days. And yes, the appeal is enough reason to use this institution to unlock the seo tools and skills that you are looking for. Although, the online appeal isn’t all there is to this online seo class. There is also the fact that you can learn this course without paying a dime. So, getting it for free is another reason many people find the free Neil Patel unlock seo course appealing.

There are, of course, other things that make this course worthwhile for you. And some of the reasons include the following:

1.     You can enroll in the class anytime you like, and of course, enroll for the course anywhere you find yourself.

2.     Apart from a detailed video of the tutor that you get when you are learning this seo course, you also get to have a strategy sheet at the end of the video. You can probably get this strategy sheet in pdf form.

3.     Neil and his partners are known seo tutors, and of course, we can call them world-class. So, if this means anything to you, you will be learning how to unlock seo from professionals.

Seo for beginners (Yoast)

WordPress is one of the seo tools that most websites have embraced today, and rightly so. It is one of the easiest to navigate, so we understand the appeal. There is no reason you shouldn’t join one of the people who use WordPress to their advantage.

Making peace with the desire to learn how to use WordPress is the first step. And, of course, the next step should be learning how to use WordPress from a reliable tutor. This is where the Yoast seo plugin comes in. Yoast plugin has been around for a while, and they are popular for using professionals to teach beginners like you the basic foundation of seo and how to use tools like WordPress.

There are many reasons to enroll in this course, and some of these reasons are:

1.     You get to understand the basics of seo, and of course, knowing the fundamentals help you to understand the other parts of seo as quickly as possible.

2.     You also have the chance to get a free framework and templates for seo strategies. In addition to what you will be learning, you will get some of these tools to help you practice and prepare.

3.     It is targeted at beginners. There are no reasons to be embarrassed when choosing this course. It is okay if you have little to no knowledge about seo, as this course is meant for people like you.

·      Seo training course: building sustainable traffic for business growth

We have established that the major reason websites are passionate about the type of content they produce these days is because of traffic. Getting traffic to your website is one of the signs that your business is growing. Sadly, few brand or website owners know the first thing about traffic building.

This is where building sustainable traffic business growth comes in. It is targeted at helping to gather traffic, and if you pay attention to details, you should get everything you need to do just that.

Of course, there is a framework for this class. It has been divided into three sections, including the introduction of seo strategy, how to execute that seo strategy, the process of generating effective backlinks, and how to optimize content. If you can learn the crux of each phase, you will come out of the course with the real technical know-how to create traffic online for your business growth.

Like other best free seo courses, this one is also free, and of course, it is the best for anyone passionate about content marketing. You also get the free on-page template when you are done with this class.

Become a seo expert (LinkedIn learning)

Here is another popular best seo free course if you have a passion for seo and want to learn everything about it. Becoming an seo expert may look impossible without many years of experience, but it isn’t impossible. With this course, you certainly get closer to being an seo expert. Because of the content of this course, there is a guarantee that you come out of it feeling more confident about your seo knowledge than ever before.

Some of the things that this course will expose you to include the following: the basic foundation of seo and link-building strategy. Keywords strategy, seo for videos, local seo, international seo.

Search engine optimization on coursera

One of the challenges many people still face in this time and age is how to optimize the content on their website. This is why learning search engine optimization is essential. Thankfully, there is a chance to learn search engine optimization and everything that relates to it at coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular online classes has this course, and so far about 72 000 students have registered and benefitted from this course online.

Like other online courses, this course has five stages. And, of course, all of these stages are important. These stages include introducing search engines, fundamentals about search engines, website optimization for search, content and social strategy and seo.

If you successfully go through these stages, there is a chance that you will learn more about the different types of search engines. You will also learn the importance of using seo and, of course, how to use seo tools to optimize your content.

At the end of the class, you will have learned everything you need to know about seo optimization. The most interesting part is that you can learn all these free through a hands-on project. The availability of hands-on projects, quizzes, and assignment means that you will be involved with every step of the course.

Free seo 6-part video series

At Moz, one of the courses you can easily pick up and learn for free is the seo 6- part video series. From the name alone, this course already indicates that you learn seo content like strategy, keyword research, and technical seo in a 6-part video series.

Also, in the video series, you will pick up on other seo topics like how to build the best link for your website and searcher satisfaction; you also get to learn more about on-page optimization.

Apart from the fact that you get to learn all these things for free, access to the course is one of the fastest and the easiest. You also get to learn complex seo tools in the simplest ways. These are enough reasons to pick this seo course, and pick it now!

Website performance optimization

At Udacity, there are a lot of courses for you. But for the sake of seo, you would get access to learning so much about optimizing website performance. You want your website to perform well to sell products to the right people. So learning how to improve your website performance should always be a priority.

The best google team has created this course. And some of the courses that they have made available for you include technical seo, the art of mastering seo tools, and other related courses.

At Udacity, there is no reason to worry about getting sub-par content. The team only employs the best teachers and experts in seo. So, one of the things you should expect is to learn everything you will be learning about seo from professionals. The team also has a certificate for everyone brave enough to complete the process. If that is you, prepare to get a certificate for this course.

Free seo course at Reliablesoft

Reliablesoft is certainly a reliable online platform for learning all forms of seo. They have everything you will need to learn about seo, from the fundamentals of seo to the art of using seo tools. So, yes! You won’t be making a mistake if you ever choose this course when you want to learn how to use seo.

Deciding to use the course at Relaiblesoft to increase your knowledge of seo means that you get a free seo checklist after you have completed the course. Not only do you get a free checklist after you have completed the course, but you also get to have easy aces to the site, and of course, the fact that you get all of these for free is the greatest thing about the course.

On-page technical seo at SEMRUSH

Like the other online platforms that have been mentioned so far, Semrush is also quite popular. And, of course, it is the right channel if you ever want to increase your knowledge about seo or any form of seo tool.

Taking the on-page technical seo at Semrush means you will learn much about seo auditing. You will also learn about the use of https and what it means to crawl on your website. While you learn these things, you will also get insight into how you can create friendly content for your website and, of course, what log file analysis means and how you can use it.


Learning seo courses to help with your seo knowledge is one of the most beneficial things you can do. It is even more important when you think of all the good you can do for your website with the seo knowledge you will gain from all the courses.

While it is no crime to know the areas of seo you would like to focus on, getting through some of the fundamentals of seo and learning all the necessary topics give you insight into the introduction of seo, the fundamentals, and the tools.

Getting to know all these necessary topics about seo also gives you the ability to ease into any other specific area that you would like to focus on as far as seo is concerned. There is no doubt that you will find many seo courses on different online platforms. Yes! Some of these courses have been mentioned above.

However, knowing the particular seo skill that you would like to acquire or knowing the tools you would love to learn about is great. It is the only way to focus on a specific seo course or, in some cases, a few seo courses.